About our Boise program

Welcome to Mainspring Dental Training Center!

Mainspring is now open for student enrollment in Boise, Idaho. The Dental Assistant Training Program provides a hands-on approach to  training in the shortest time possible, with the most realistic clinical experience available. The Dental Assisting course consists of 78 hours of lecture and a lab, and a 50 hour externship with a practicing dentist.  Classes are held in the office of a practicing dentist.  This environment gives students access to the actual equipment used by practicing dentists and enhances their comfort and skill with actual tools of the trade.

The Dental Assisting curriculum includes lectures on the fundamentals of general dentistry and the basic skills, knowledge and technical proficiency necessary to assist the dentist in the various operative procedures performed in a dental clinic.  Completion of the program will allow the individual to become employable for an entry-level position in a dental office.  Often, this entry-level position serves as a stepping stone to more highly skilled and higher paying jobs.