According to DANB, the Dental Assisting National Board, dental assisting is among the top 25 fastest-growing occupations in the United States. As a dental assistant, you will not only enjoy increased opportunities in a growing field, you will also enhance the efficiency of a dental care team.

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Flexible Schedules

Although many dental assistants work full-time in private dental practices, over one-third work part-time. Others divide their schedules among more than one dental office. If you are seeking a long-term career with flexible or part-time hours, dental assisting is for you.

Many Career Choices

There are many more career choices for dental assistants within the dental profession as well. In addition to working chairside with the dentist, many dental assistants pursue alternative career options after they receive formal training and DANB Certification. Some of these options include:

  • Dental office manager
  • Educator
  • Dental product sales

Our Program

The Dental Assisting curriculum for our program includes lectures on the fundamentals of general dentistry and the basic skills, knowledge and technical proficiency necessary to assist the dentist in the various operative procedures performed in a dental clinic. Completion of the program will allow the individual to become employable for an entry-level position in a dental office.  Often, this entry-level position serves as a stepping stone to more highly skilled and higher paying jobs.

We also specialize in training previously or currently employed adults seeking a new skill set or second career. Very often your valuable work experience skills will enhance your career in dentistry!

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